Cressi Patrol

3 495 kr

Cressi Patrol

3 495 kr

Cressi Patrol är skapad för dykare som vill ha en bekväm och lätt väst.


Delbetala köpet med Klarna.

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PATROL is a 100% dorsal  volume  BCD, very versatile for all types of diving, with a robust but lightweight construction at the same time (2,750 Kg size M) and with a low volume of transport but strong and very flexible.

The harness system which is completely independent of the bag, provides absolute stability of the jacket on the diver and releases all oppression of the chest, axillary and abdominal area, completely, due to the expansion of the bladder to the outside of the dorsal area and surrounding the tank.

Their pattern and arrangement of harnesses make it 100% unisex.

Abdominal area with lobes of low profile.

High-capacity dorsal air chamber (19 kg size M) but with an external volume of stowage always contained, thanks to the elastic containment tensioners that have as an additional mission to facilitate the draining manoeuvre and avoid displacement of the air during the dive that would cause instability.

Patrol’s backpack is very light and semi-flexible to fulfill its function without adding weight or volume to it.

Completely covered with comfortable neutral buoyancy padding, made of a closed cell material that avoids the accumulation of water or air and, therefore, reduces the inherent buoyancy in the jacket and facilitates a quick drying.

Unlike many bcds considered as “travel jackets”, the stability of the tank under water is not compromised thanks to the configuration of the air chamber that acts as a guide for the tank.

The weight system LAS (Lock Aid System) 2.0, is now more integrated in the profile of the bcd and its thickness is reduced. This system, following the Cressi tradition, guarantees the maximum facility of insertion and releasing of the weight with total safety against accidental losses since its anchors incorporate a spring effect (patented) in anticipation of accidental hooks. Its use is highly ergonomic and intuitive even without looking.

Direct System Inflator: Double metal filter in the air entrance under the stem and cylindrical shape around the valve.

Very strong body and attractive design. Inflation rate recalibrated, 50% higher (traditional bcd of size M in 4 seconds at 1 atm).

Anti-sand design with minimized mouth inflator nozzle.

Push button with wide clearances with respect to its seat to avoid the blocking action of the sand grains.

Vacuum button with sealing using a silicone washer.

Push button integrated in profile to avoid unwanted inflation when pulling the hose to empty.

New very resistant hose of very progressive curvature.

Guide clamp-integrated hose.

New low profile upper vacuum valve with non-return valve that prevents the accidental entrance of water.

New flap for fixing the hose made of thermo-rubber with embossed logo.

4 rings of ABS.

“Y” hose holder.

Combination of 420D Nylon + 3 other fabrics.

Roll-up pocket.

Sizes from XS to X

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